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Petite Women Deserve Better Fashion Options

The Mona Juliet story is a modern expression of inclusivity within the fashion industry.

Mona, our founder, stands at 4’10” tall, and has a deep admiration for high-quality, sharply-tailored capsule and workwear pieces.

However, as petite options available in the designer fashion space are little-to-none, Mona has never experienced sophisticated designer fashion that was made with her, and other petite women in mind.

Mona’s difficulties with clothing increased during her early legal career, particularly when attempting to curate her dream work wardrobe. To put it simply, she refused to settle for cheap, uninspired ASOS Petite designs in her closet that would completely lose their shape and colour within a 6-month period.

Given her natural love for the designer fashion space (and her distaste for petite fashion options), it was only a matter of time before it dawned upon her to create the petite fashion brand that she had been in search of for her entire life.

Mona believes that petite ladies deserve to feel powerful, confident, and comfortable in what they wear. Her priority is to design pieces which empower and inspire confidence in the wearer, all while fitting as well as flattering the petite frame.

Petite Fashion that Stands the Test of Time

Mona Juliet is an Australian fashion label with a global vision for the petite fashion space, effectuated through signature silhouettes, power-dressing and luxurious texture.

The Mona Juliet design ethos centres around timeless elegance, characterized by modern femininity, sharp tailoring and versatile wearability. Our pieces are designed to take you from day to night effortlessly, while introducing sartorial mastery to the petite fashion space for the very first time.

Made entirely in Australia, our collections are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to enhance the petite silhouette. We pay attention to every detail, from the length of hems and the placement of the seams to the fabric weight and design features, to ensure that our pieces are properly tailored to petite women.

From timeless workwear to contemporary occasion wear, Mona Juliet caters to the petite woman who admires sophistication and high-end design in what she wears. Bridging the gap between petite fashion and timeless elegance, our collections are infused with an undeniable sense of style, confidence and elegance.

Although our journey has only just begun, we are eager to see what our future holds, and vow to never lose sight of our driving desire to redefine and elevate the petite fashion space forever.

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