At Mona Juliet, we are conscious of the effect fashion has on the environment, and in particular, of the wastefulness promoted by the industry.

As an Australian-made label, we are committed to participating in sustainable fashion, and in minimising our own wastefulness wherever we can as a fashion brand.

We invite you to read further on to learn more about how we participate in sustainable fashion practices.


With respect to our packaging supplies, we are proud to be 100% plastic free.

All mailers, stickers, and additional materials (e.g. tissue paper, thank you cards, etc.) are all either biodegradable, or recyclable.

Further, our biodegradable materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”), meaning that these materials are created with the health of our forests in mind. You can read more about the FSC Certification here, and about our packaging supplier here.

Small Production Runs

Today, fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output, which is more than international flights and shipping combined. As such, the larger the production runs a fashion label facilitates, the larger their carbon footprint and the more harmful their impact will be on the environment. 

MONA JULIET is proudly based in Australia, with all of our garments made locally by our manufacturer in Melbourne, Victoria. To manufacture locally (and within Australia) means that our production runs will be much smaller than other fashion brands. You can learn more about our manufacturer here.

While manufacturing locally is costly, this ensures that we are only producing in quantities based on realistic demand, given that we are a new and growing fashion brand. As you can imagine, manufacturing in smaller quantities based on demand significantly reduces our carbon footprint, thereby contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry, with as little harm on the environment as possible.

Donating Excess Fabric

Today, it is estimated that 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually by the fashion industry.

When fashion labels complete their production runs, often there is fabric leftover which are considered to be unusable for future production runs. As a result, most fashion labels will throw these scrap fabrics out.

At MONA JULIET, we are conscious of the detrimental effect fashion has on our environment, and are committed to minimizing our contribution to wastefulness in the industry. As such, we have arranged to donate all excess production fabric to the fashion program at TAFE Queensland.

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