How Should a Petite Blazer Fit? Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Petite Blazer

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How should a blazer fit on petite women?”

Here at Mona Juliet, we love blazers for their ability to effortlessly elevate any outfit, and in providing a versatile and timeless style. Blazers offer a sense of empowerment and professionalism, making them suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Their ability to add structure, enhance confidence, and adapt to changing fashion trends makes them a beloved wardrobe essential for many women.

Finding a blazer that is properly fitted to your body type is crucial because it enhances your overall appearance, creates a flattering silhouette, and ensures comfort. A properly tailored blazer not only adds polish to your outfit but also boosts your confidence, making you feel and look your best in various settings.

For us petite women, the struggle in finding blazers that fit us properly is very real. Whether it’s the sleeves and hem of the blazer that are too long, the shoulders of the blazer that drag over and exceed our shoulder width, or the design of the blazer itself that is completely unflattering on shorter women, it’s no secret that petite women often find it incredibly difficult to locate well-fitting blazers. 

The secret in finding the perfect blazer that fits the petite frame is to opt for blazers that are specifically designed for petites, while being mindful of various design and styling considerations when it comes to the petite frame.

In this article, we will explore the 8 things every petite woman needs to consider when wanting to achieve the perfect petite blazer fit (noting our own petite-friendly styling comments and tips along the way).

1: Petite Blazer Length

The length of the blazer is crucial in creating the perfect petite blazer fit. Petite ladies should consider opting for petite blazers that are shorter in length, ideally hitting at the hipbone or slightly above. Longer blazers can overwhelm shorter frames and make you appear even shorter.

Hip-length blazers in particular are very flattering on petite women for a number of reasons:

  1. Proportion and Balance: Hip-length blazers can create a balanced proportion between the upper and lower body. They typically end just below the hipbone or at the hip, which helps visually elongate the legs and toro. This balanced proportion can make a petite woman appear taller and more proportionate.
  2. Leg-Lengthening Effect: The hem of a hip-length blazer doesn’t cover too much of the leg, which can give the illusion of longer legs. Generally, when a blazer ends at or slightly below the hip, it allows more of the leg to be visible, creating the perception of added height.
  3. Waist Emphasis: Many hip-length blazers have a defined waist or a slightly nipped-in waistline. This waist emphasis can create the illusion of an hourglass shape, making the waist appear smaller and the body more curvy, which is often considered an attractive silhouette.

2: Blazer Shoulder Fit

The shoulder fit is essential for the ideal petite blazer fit. The shoulder seams should align with the natural curve of your shoulders. Avoid blazers with wide shoulder pads and are oversized in their design, as they can make you appear both broader and shorter.

petite colour blazer
petite colour blazer

3: Monochromatic Outfits on Petites

To achieve the perfect petite blazer fit, consider wearing a blazer in a similar colour to your pants or skirt.

Monochromatic outfits create a seamless vertical line from head to toe, which visually elongates the body. This vertically can make you appear taller because there are no abrupt colour changes to interrupt the line of sight.

Further, when your outfit is a single colour from top to bottom, the eyes of onlookers move up and down rather than side to side. This vertical movement can create the illusion of added height.

4: High-Waisted Bottoms

Pairing your blazer with a pair of high-waisted pants or skirts does wonders in achieving the perfect petite blazer fit.

For petites, it is preferable to select bottoms with a higher waistline, as this will have the effect of making your legs appear longer. 

double-breasted blazer
single-breasted blazer

5: Single vs. Double-Breasted Fit

One important consideration when looking to achieve your petite blazer fit is to opt for single-breasted over double-breasted designs.

Single-breasted blazers with a single row of buttons are generally more flattering for petite ladies. This is because they create a sleeker and less bulky look compared to double-breasted blazers, which can add extra fabric and weight.

6: Fabric Weight on Petites

Bulky or heavy-weight blazers can add unnecessary volume to the silhouette. As a result, this can have the effect of drowning or overpowering the petite frame. Furthermore, bulky fabrics generally make the body appear wider and shorter than it actually is.

For the perfect petite blazer fit, try opting for medium-weight fabrics instead.

7: Necklines for Petites

Selecting the right neckline is crucial in finding your best petite blazer fit.

Blazers with a V-neck or open front can visually elongate the neckline, thereby creating the appearance of a longer upper body.

8: Blazer Detailing and Patterns

It is important to avoid excessive detailing in the petite blazer you choose for yourself.

Blazers with too many pockets, embellishments, or busy patterns can draw attention to specific areas of the body. As a result, this can overwhelm a petite frame. Choose simpler, cleaner styles for a more streamlined look.

Our Classic Petite Blazer

petite fitted blazer

Recently, we have launched with our debut workwear “Classics” collection – a capsule workwear collection comprising of timeless workwear staples for petite women.

Within our Classics Collection we have released  our Classic Petite Blazer, which meets all of the criteria of what constitutes the perfect blazer for petites.

Designed and made in Australia, the Classic Petite Blazer is a timeless investment piece, and includes petite features such as the perfect hem lengths, fabric weight, and shoulder width.

If you’re a petite woman (i.e. under 165cm/5’4” ) in need of a well-fitting petite blazer and other timeless workwear staples, we invite you to have a browse of our recently-launched Classics Collection.

These 8 tips will prove to be helpful in finding a perfectly-fitting petite blazer.

All things considered, the secret in finding the perfect blazer that fits the petite frame is to opt for blazers that are specifically designed for petites, while being mindful of the above-mentioned design and styling considerations when it comes to the petite frame.

While it may take some time and patience in trying on various styles and browsing various stores, once you find your perfectly-fitted petite blazer, you’ll be able to take even more charge of your professional image and your own personal style.

Do you often find yourself wondering why it seems impossible to discover timeless, high quality petite fashion? If so, have a read of our blogs below, where we discuss the many issues with petite fashion at great length and in great detail.

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